Tuesday, July 23, 2019

TV is still FREE

What Cable Companies and Dish Companies will not tell you.

TV IS FREE!  Still!

There is currently approx. 28-32 FREE different digital networks that you can pull in from an antenna

ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW,UPN, UNC1, UNCEX, UNCkids, UNCEDU, MeTV, Bounce,Livewell, Laff, Justice, EscapeTV, ASN, 3abn x4, GritTV, Comet, Unimas, GetTV to name some+ some shopping chanels in certain areas.

Some areas may require a High Gain Large Antenna on the roof and some people will be able to pull in these channels with a small indoor antenna.  The signal will vary depending on the distance from the towers and the amount of TVs wire in the house.

for more references on antennas goto https://www.electech.tv look FAQ on antenna.

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