Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Top 10 reasons to be Libertarian


Welcome to Tom Barrette's Libertarian philosophy class.


1. Libertarians don't want to eliminate government,  We just want to reduce the size to a managable and accountable amount.

2. Libertarians want to mind the business of keeping Americans free and DON'T want govenment to mind your business.

3. Libertarians want to cut and end special interest spending for federal, state, and local governments

4. Libertarians want to protect the Constitution and live up to our Bill of Rights.

5. Libertarians want to abolish The IRS tax code and abolish income tax.

6. Libertarians want accountablility back in politics.

7. Libertarians want to leave the world alone, mind our own business and inialate any foreign invaders.

8. Libertarians want ALL americans to live FREE. Free to live however they see fit. (Ending the war on drugs).

9. Libertarians want to make it easier to immigrate into this country and harder to receive ANY free government assistance. If you imigrate to this country, Bring your own $ just like our great grandparents did.  No FREE handouts from Government.

10.The other parties are not working.


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